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Album Review: Broads - Vacancy

23 February 2017 | 3:06 pm | Ross Clelland

"Worth investigating, possibly by CSI squad."

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Even in name, there's an intriguing ambiguity to Broads.

It suggests a slightly retro attitude of noir femme fatales with bee-stung lips, and that's part of who they are — but certainly not all. There's some country —alt and otherwise; a nod to doo-wop and cabaret along with some darker mysteries. The voices can be plaintive over a shimmer of guitar — Kelly Day and Jane Hendry's quiet intertwining has an almost Mazzy Star quality at times. These are songs with a troubled conscience: Can't Stop Thinking musing "I'm gonna die, not peacefully...", while Dear John adds some stalking to the kiss-off note. Their seductive beauty and danger is worth investigating, possibly by CSI squad.