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Album Review: Born Lion - Celebrate The Lie

22 February 2018 | 10:59 am | Rod Whitfield

"This album will provide you with much gnarly enjoyment."

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This Sydney-based, punk-rock band have put together a slamming fist to the face of a record that will please punk fans across the nation and around the world.

Celebrate The Lie sits in a nice sweet spot, in that it will absolutely appeal to hardcore fans of 'real' punk music - the more underground stuff - but is just polished and catchy enough to be to the liking of your everyday pop-punk aficionado as well. The music bumps, pumps and grinds away relentlessly as good punk music should, the vocals give it that 'Oi-Oi-Oi!' UK feel and it usually all leads into a big chorus payoff that can't fail to have you singing along.

While that late-'70s UK influence is certainly present in Born Lion's music, this is still a quintessential Aussie punk record.

And what an appropriate title, in this day and age of 'alternative facts' and post-truth politics! If you dig razor-sharp, tougher-than-nails punk rock, this album will provide you with much gnarly enjoyment.

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