Audiofly AF33

3 December 2014 | 6:45 pm | Staff Writer

"They’re ideal for a number of different situations and a variety of media."

You’ll often hear of cheaper in-ear headphones lacking a severe amount of low end or depth – luckily the Audiofly’s AF33 model doesn’t fall victim to such trait, and for the price delivers a surprising punch.

They’re also a diverse pair of in-ears in that they’re ideal for a number of different situations and a variety of media.

Firstly, as mentioned above, their frequency range makes them solid for most genres of music, and their noise isolating silicon ear tips mean you don’t have to drive your device too hard and make the overall listening experience overbearing. The ear tips blocking out unwanted audio pollution from the outside world also makes watching videos on the fly easier too.

The one-button Clear-Talk control system is a bonus when it comes to shuffling through tunes while in transit, and also lends itself to a number of other useful functions once you familiarise yourself with its Morse code-like system.

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Plugged into a phone, the button can be programmed to activate various apps on your device, which is extremely handy if you’re using your phone as your media player as well.

The microphone accompanying the Clear-Talk button also allows users to make calls and control music playback via voice prompts.

If you’re looking for a pair of in-ears to chuck in your backpack or laptop bag that are durable, aren’t going to break the bank and sound decent, the AF33s are the way to go.