Live Review: Anton Franc, Pallas Athena, Leure

12 June 2012 | 11:35 am | Melissa Coci

The Bird was already close to capacity when Ash Hendriks of Wolves At The Door played under her solo-moniker Leure. Hendrincks performed with a series of drum loops and samples that combined with her husky, stripped back voice to produce a wonderfully ambient set.

Adhering to the old adage 'a family that plays together, stays together', relative newcomers Pallas Athena lightened the mood with their summery harmonies. Highlights included Shaker complete with a fun cow bell solo by percussionist Mike Ford. Slower songs like Cold Comfort Stage were impressive, reminiscent of a sonically busier She & Him.

By the time Anton Franc hit the stage, the bar was well and truly packed. Made up of med school pals Josh Bowyer and Jamie Kuzich, the set opened with a screening of the music video for the band's first single Letting Go. Directed by Bowyer, the clip is set in the unique surrounds of the Kimberley, where the duo first decided to join their talents and write songs together. The audience responded enthusiastically to each song in the set with thoughtful explanations of the song meanings provided by Bowyer throughout. The night was extra special as the duo was complemented by a full band. Vocals were pitch perfect, resonating throughout the venue, offsetting instruments like the ukulele and saxophone to great effect. Even without the song explanations, it would be easy to recognise that some of the music was inspired by the Kimberley. Lady Of The Night felt so Australian, this duo could be the forerunners for resurrecting the Australian folk scene. Reacting to the energetic vibes coming off the audience, Kuzich announced the next song Oh Darling would be a “fun, dancey one”. The crowd agreed, letting loose and even singing along. The set ended in the same way it started – with the full band playing new single Letting Go. The crowd erupted into cheers and welcomed an encore which the band was more than happy to oblige to. Looks like Anton Franc have a lot to thank the Kimberleys for.