Live Review: All Our Exes Live In Texas

11 January 2016 | 1:37 pm | Lukas Murphy

"The whereabouts of the charismatic teacher-turned-vocalist and guitarist remains uncertain."

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Due to a streak of weather that couldn't seem to make up its mind, rain and sweltering heat were both strong contenders for the backdrop of the day's concert. The weather did however clear up nicely, and — not that they needed the help — All Our Exes Live In Texas managed to pack out the Arts Centre's front garden.

On taking to the stage, it was immediately apparent that something was amiss with the beloved four-piece: only three members were present. According to the remaining band members, guitarist Katie Wighton was absent due to her wandering about Fremantle looking in op shops and having naps under park benches. The whereabouts of the charismatic teacher-turned-vocalist and guitarist remains uncertain.

Ukulele player Hannah Crofts took the mic duties first, not so nostalgically recalling her prior experiences of Fremantle. One of the last times she was in the area, she narrowly avoided being force-fed drugs. The type of drugs she nearly ingested was not specified, but in any case the Sunday music was her best experience of dear old Freo so far.

Each of the ladies in turn sang wonderfully and harmoniously throughout the afternoon, with not just delightful music entertaining the masses, but excellent banter as well. One man, who it turned out had had a fair bit to drink, was sitting off to the side on the stage and was consequently invited up to be their backing dancer. The gentleman actually wound up being kicked out of the venue, to which mandolinist Georgia Mooney exclaimed, "I told you it was going to get wild!"

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Singing about everything from love and loss, to Cadillac cars and childhood homes, the band demonstrated great variety for the day's entertainment. They performed the first song they ever learned together as a group, Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow (disdainfully dedicated to the other two band members by accordionist Elana Stone as Bury Me), as well as covers such as The White Stripes' Hotel Yorba and Ray Stevens' I'm My Own Grandpa.

And no, they haven't got any exes from Texas. Though that isn't for lack of trying; Crofts did meet someone while she was over there a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, he turned to be from Melbourne.