Alice Fraser: Everyone's A Winner

29 March 2014 | 4:11 pm | Emma Breheny

"Fraser demystifies the strange world of mergers and acquisitions [and] why women straighten their hair."

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Ex-lawyer jumps the corporate ship and is rescued by comedy – you've heard this one before right? Well, not Alice Fraser's version, full of wry observations of the shit that goes down around us every day. Fraser demystifies the strange world of mergers and acquisitions, why women straighten their hair, and what the hell a 'CLM' stands for (career limiting move, FYI). The metaphors are extended but hilarious - turns out lost keys and happiness are both all about 'The Chase' - and there are plenty of sex jokes and banjo ditties for anyone who feels out of their depth. Alice Fraser, thank you for giving up your day job. 

The Swanston Hotel to 20 Apr