Alexis Dubus: Cars & Girls

10 April 2014 | 4:07 pm | Rachael Howlett

"Tag along for a witty and entertaining journey."

Alexis Dubus is an Englishman abroad. In Cars & Girls, he delivers a confident, clever and creative performance wrapped up in spoken word. Humorously rhyming his way through 50 minutes of tales of romance on the road, Dubus packs plenty of laughs and reflection into the well paced show. He expertly captures the accents of people he meets on his travels, such as truck driver Tony (who knows every 'bang house' from Spain to Morocco), an arrogant Parisian in Patagonia (named Fabien, not Marcel) and the Americans effusing peace, love and light sabres at the Burning Man Festival. Tag along for a witty and entertaining journey.

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