Album Review: A Lonely Crowd - 'Transients'

24 January 2014 | 12:54 pm | Staff Writer
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An experimental jumble of genres.

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Still relatively new in many respects, A Lonely Crowd have managed to make a name for themselves through a healthy work ethic, which has netted tours with big names such as Closure In Moscow and Dead Letter Circus.

The supports are fitting, with the band's particular brand of progressive rock proving a successful recipe so far and new album, 'Transients,' is yet another unique offering. A mixture of progressive, folk and metal come to play and you will either love it or hate it but there is no doubt that it is captivating.

The one minute long intro is definitely unnecessary but once it moves onto 'Godamnesia,' you are instantly met with interesting guitar work. Equally, the female vocals of Xen contrast nicely with the severity of the guitar and drums.

'Inspector' fades in and out of slow, soothing sound, reminiscent of something indie before it throws you abruptly into those crushing guitars and ferocious edge to the vocals. There is an underlying strangeness to this entire album and 'Inspector' really emphasises it. It is really something that needs to be listened to a few times to be understood.

The full-length is just full of different influences, with songs like 'Blur' incorporating some pop elements, while other tracks like 'The Fall' combine jazz style vocals along with intense instrumentals.

'Transients' manages to create this strange, crazy atmosphere and at some points you have no idea where this album is going. It proves to be intriguing and there are definitely great elements contained within, but the album also feels muddled at times with too many influences and sounds at once.

'Transients' definitely is an album that lives up the band's experimental persona. With elements of progressive rock, pop, folk and metal all jammed into one it is full on and very odd. There are some solid elements and unique vocal styles but in the end it is overwhelming. You will either love it or hate it, but you need to give it a go to really understand what is described.

1. Intro

2. Godamnesia

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3. Inspector

4. Blur

5. Kamikaze Karma

6. The Fall

7. Rapture

8. Sound Tripper

9. Blows & Arrows

10. Telephiles

11. Seeing Stars

12. Voodoo Tube.

13. The Wanderer