Album Review: 1929Indian - The Dreaming

15 August 2012 | 11:23 am | Sally Anne Hurley

It’s fun and boasts the ‘80s nu-wave influence that they’ve been pinned with.

This debut five-track EP from the Newcastle indie band is – in a word – very cool. From the word go, on opener North Into The Sky, there's a mesh of slow-building bass and Tyler Gibbs' haunting yet dreamy vocals.

The lead single and radio favourite Women In Cages quickly changes the pace from the first track. It's fun and boasts the '80s nu-wave influence that they've been pinned with. The song's composition has a bit of everything (including a subtle hint of the Flock Of Seagulls classic, I Ran) but manages to stay simple.

The rest of the EP flows in and out of a slow-to-mid tempo sound. Six O'Clock Swill is a potential single, a little grittier than the rest of the tracks with its sharp electric guitar solo in the middle.

The EP's an easy listen, but the band create indie-dance pop well and for that it's a fitting introduction.

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