The Wedding Party

16 June 2012 | 7:30 pm | Dave Drayton

As the opening shots cut between credits, casinos, and two 60-odds engaging in some rather energetic sex the tone of The Wedding Party is immediately established. An almost-anti romcom that follows the unravelling of the run of the mill Aussie Thompson family. From the pubs to the delicately captured autumnal streetscapes relationships – the oversexed and sexless – are re-examined against a backdrop that is quaintly yet undeniably suburban Australia.

Isabel Lucas stands out as the Russian beauty turned bride who serves as the catalyst for a month's worth of chaos in the lives of the Thompson's. Adam Zwar as a nervous nurse, Heather Mitchell as the beautifully selfless matriarch of the Thompson's and newcomer Nikita Leigh-Pritchard as the youngest of the clan (and film's narrator) all give stellar performances.

It's lovely to see the genre turned on its head, with a few unexpected twists and largely weaker male characters at the mercy of better halves. Though uninspired dialogue really tarnishes the final product, despite the best intentions and efforts of a largely impressive cast.