Help Us Fill The Archive

We’re aiming to create Australia’s largest free resource of historical music journalism and you can help us fill the gaps! Do you have a copy of a historical street press publication under your bed or in your garage that we’re missing? Through the wonders of modern technology, you can snap the edition and send it over to us for inclusion.


We are very aware of copyright and are only able to publish titles we own or have permission to post. We are particularly interested in filling out our collections of Drum Media, Inpress, 3D World, Drum Perth, Rave and Zebra. Publications that remain owned by existing companies including The Brag, Beat, BMA and Scene / Scenestr cannot be submitted. If you have a title that you are unsure about, please contact us before scanning. If you own a publication that is no longer in print and would like us to host your archive, please get in touch with


We recommend using the Evernote Scannable app for iOS devices. It will allow you to take photos of each page and collate it into a high resolution PDF file. Here are some quick tips for use:

  • The app is free to use, you simply need to log in with a free Evernote account

  • Ensure you are scanning with a device that allows 12 megapixel photos so the pages are easily legible.

  • Ensure all pages are correctly scanned in order

  • Take care that all the visible area of the page is included in your scan

If you have an Android device, the Evernote app has similar features or there may be other software devices that can also provide a similar service. You may also have access to scanners or other technology, however please note that for submission we require the magazine to be in one file with pages in order, in high resolution and in PDF format.


  • Email the document to You may need to use Dropbox, GoogleDrive or Hightail as the file should be 30mb+ if scanned correctly

  • Please let us know if you would like credit for your submission and the edition will be tagged with your name in perpetuity.