Why You Don’t Want To Miss The Fremantle Winter Music Festival

22 June 2016 | 12:44 pm | Staff Writer

According to Simone & Girlfunkle

With more than 20 bands spread across five venues, RTRFM have spared no expense for this year's Fremantle Winter Music Festival.

As they gear up to perform alongside an eclectic mixture of acts this Saturday, folk popters Simone & Girlfunkle give us their picks from the bill and reminisce on past Fremantle adventures.

Sarah Tout

Fremantle Music Memory: I played my first ever gig upstairs in the Swan Lounge with my then band, Little Ships. I had my face pretty much buried in my hair and behind my guitar, I couldn't look at anyone, but it was such an incredibly fun thing to have begun doing.

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Little Ships then played a Freo Winter Music Festival many years ago, at the Railway, and it's a beautiful little festival to be a part of. I remember running around in the rain to get in to the different venues to see all the awesome bands that were on, skipping over the puddles and dodging the rain.

FWMF 2016 Highlight: I can't wait to see Akioka at Mojo's this year.

Daniel Grant

Fremantle Music Memory: Probably when we showed up so early to soundcheck at the Railway that skimpies was still happening. Most of us huddled nervously around our beers while an astonished Bridget cheered them on.

FWMF 2016 Highlight: Most looking forward to any band Tim Stacey is in, also The Layabouts and Ralway Bell feat. NIGEL BIRD.

Anthony Doherty

Fremantle Music Memory: I remember playing one of my first gigs at Mojo's open mic night to a crowd of three, then they left to go to the toilet and we had to wait until they came back to play the rest of our set.

FWMF 2016 Highlight: Looking forward to seeing Red Engine Caves so I can see the drummer put a snare drum through the bass player's head again.

Vaughan Davies

Fremantle Music Memory: Does getting my wife to lie in the middle of the road, in the rain, to take a photo of shipping containers which I turned into the poster for this year’s Fremantle Winter Music Festival count as a 'memory'? Otherwise, my memories of the Swan Basement involve flooded shows being canned and sleeping in the car with a fever before playing then going back to sleep. Or for Mojo's, drinking in the park opposite eating Flipside before shows (ILLEGAL) either playing or attending.

FWMF 2016 Highlight: Wonderful times: Tim Stacey, Nigel Bird, Tom Fishers, etc.

Bridget Turner

Fremantle Music Memory: This is my first Winter Music Festival but I have many fond memories of this pocket of Fremantle. I played my first gig at Mojo's at an 18th birthday party. Once we had finished playing probably the best gig of our adult lives they opened the bar to the public. My affection for that place has never waned. It's a good time place it wraps you up in its plush velvet.

FWMF 2016 Highlight: I am most looking forward to seeing Tom Fisher & The Layabouts. Tom is a dead set legend, fond of a red can and the band has one of the best guitarists in WA in it. Also any true Tim Stacey fan would be eagerly anticipating High Horse's set.

Fremantle Winter Music Festival goes down this Saturday, June 25, across numerous Freo venues, with tickets available here and all other info in theGuide.