We Set Sail Are Calling It Quits

5 April 2023 | 1:07 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"We Set Sail is f*cking dead."

(Pic by Luke Henery)

Beloved Brisbane emo band We Set Sail, who recently got creative and offered Jimmy Eat Word 22-year-old footage of the band to score some tickets to a My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World show, are calling it quits after 15 years.

Sharing the news via an innovative social media video starring Bob Odenkirk, the text on the video reads, “2023 marks 15 years for the band. But all things must end….”

After Odenkirk lights the house on fire, the video states, “We Set Sail is fucking dead. One last show,” which will take place at Brisbane’s The Zoo on Saturday, 8 July. Tickets are now on sale.

WE SET SAIL (2008-2023)

Posted by WE SET SAIL on Friday, March 31, 2023

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"2023 marks 15 years of Brisbane sad bastards, WE SET SAIL," the band's tour announcement states. "Being in a band is the best, hanging with creative weirdos like yourself and creating shitty songs rules. 

"Keeping a band together is a whole other thing, and it blows our minds how easy that has been for the last 15 years.

"So we are having a birthday party/release show."

We Set Sail released their final album, Ritual And Ceremony, two years ago. “This album was an endeavour in capturing the magic of our favourite albums of our youth,” We Set Sail’s Bandcamp page reads.

The blurb continues, “During the rise of CDs in the '90s, albums became longer, seeing as you could fit 70 or 80 minutes on a disc over the normal 45 minutes for a vinyl LP. 

“So in this case, we figured 'more is better' and delivered an album that clocks in at a hair under 60 minutes. This meant it had to be a double LP because we still wanted people to partake in the ritual of being bound in the physical world to this record, to touch it and know that they hold this story in their hands. 

“We know we're asking a lot of your time, but our serving suggestion for this record is to find a good set of headphones, a comfy beanbag, slow the fuck down and come on this journey with us.” We Set Sail’s goals came to fruition in an angsty album packed with harmonies and stands with the finest new-wave emo releases.

The band’s 2016 album, Feel Nothing, received comparisons to '90s acts such as Jawbreaker past Y2K to bands like Taking Back Sunday and Saves The Day, among others, to more contemporary acts such as Sport and Brave Bird (RIP).

If you want to hear your favourite sad rock tunes one last time, you can buy tickets to We Set Sail’s final concert here.