SINGLE PREMIERE: Listen To Endless Heights' Intense New Track, 'Paralyse'

8 February 2018 | 10:19 am | Staff Writer

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Sydney five-piece Endless Heights have gifted fans with a lush new track, Paralyse, from their upcoming second album, premiering today on

The sprawling track makes the most of vocalist Joel Martorana’s heartbreaking lyrics, draping them in delicate, finger plucked guitar and powerful chords that only serve to amp up the intense emotion present throughout the track.

“When the guys first sent me a guitar draft of the song I immediately improvised the lyrics and melody of the first verse and chorus and was brought to tears,” Martorana said.

“It's a song about being lost in the familiarity of someone's touch, and how that can be such a rush and addiction even in the centre of a manipulative relationship and how strong that can be, even if that connection you have with someone you love (or have loved) is over.”

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The tune is taken from the bands sophomore album Vicious Pleasure which is due to drop 16 February.

Listen to Paralyse below.