VIDEO PREMIERE: Baby Cool - 'Poison'

10 November 2022 | 8:00 am | Mary Varvaris

The psych-folk song is here, delivering chill summer vibes.

(Pic by Imogen Thomas)

Baby Cool - the project of Nice Biscuit co-leader Grace Cuell - has released Poison, the third single from her upcoming debut solo album, Earthling on the Road to Self. The album will be released on Friday, 10 February 2023, via Virgin Music Australia.

Poison is a psych-folk track delivering chill summer vibes. The song was recorded with Sam Joseph of Family Jordan in his Hinterland, New South Wales studio, with arrangements written and performed by Nice Biscuit's Jess Ferronato and Nick Cavendish and Drew Heyden from Brisbane group The Flamingo Jones.   

The music video, which we are premiering today, serves as part two in the visual trilogy initiated by the earlier single, The Sea, and combines surrealist styling and visuals with the lush foliage of the rainforest behind Cuell's Byron Bay home to create a dreamlike visage. 

Speaking with The Music, Cuell revealed the no-brainer parts of Poison. "I think this song was one of the last I wrote on the record. It's kind of funny reading back over the original scrawl of the lyrics in my notebook - at the time, I must have been feeling pretty angry," she said. "I guess there's a certain frustration that comes with constantly feeling like you're at the mercy of your negative thoughts, and this song was born from that frustration."

Cuell shared, "The video clip is the second of a three-part series that has been brought to life by my beautiful pals - Brisbane-based photographer Imogen O'Doyle and multidisciplinary artist Miri Badger. It felt important to me that making these videos was a fun and special time, so it seemed like a no-brainer to get two talented friends on the job. We filmed this clip in a day and a half with the help of my friends Maia Cavendish and Texas Shenfield. It was a really silly time, and I think that energy really shines through the final cut. I intended for these videos to be a bit silly.

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"There's so much pressure in the industry to be cool all of the time, and despite my name, I'm not really that cool.

"I should mention, too, the catchy lead guitar riff was written and performed by Sam Joseph, who recorded and mixed all of the songs on the record. Recording alongside such talented humans [Ferronato, Cavendish, Heyden and Joseph] not only made the process really effortless, it meant that random additions to the songs like that riff would just materialise in the studio. The bah bah's at the end were another one of those moments… I'm not sure whose idea that was, but one minute we were recording percussion, and the next minute there were five of us standing around singing ba bah's into one mic. It was pretty cute."

In addition to the release of Poison, Baby Cool will take their music across the country in March next year.


AUSTRALIAN Earthling on the Road to Self Love TOUR 2023

Saturday 18 March - The Malthouse Outdoor Stage, VIC

Saturday 25 March - The Lansdowne, NSW

Sunday 25 March - La La La’s, NSW

Friday 14 April - Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Saturday 15 April - Eltham Hotel, NSW