WATCH: Who Had Vera Farmiga Covering Iron Maiden On Their Bingo Card?

5 April 2022 | 11:25 am | Staff Writer
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Ummmm Did anyone have this on their bingo card for 2022? Well-known actress from The Conjuring, Hawkeye, Godzilla, The Departed and more, Vera Farmiga, covered Iron Maiden's The Trooper, fronting a band that sported Anthrax's Scott Ian on Guitar and Deadsy on Keyboards over the weekend. What?

More Iron Maiden More Iron Maiden

In a moment of absolute badass-ness, the actress of Ukranian descent kicks off the song screaming something in Ukranian and in front of a man waving a Ukranian flag in support of the country currently under violent assault from Russian forces. The actress was present at a show put on by Rock Academy - a New York-based music school with the charter of bringing young people into music through heavy music. A noble cause, to be sure.   

You can see the original instagram post here -

Check out Vera Farmiga's IMDB page for all her credits. We back way more celebrities smashing out metal covers and getting young people into heavy music. Can't be worse than Machine Gun Kelly's cover of System of A Down's Aerials.

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