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Venom Prison give birth to 'Uterine Industrialisation'

15 February 2019 | 11:04 pm | Alex Sievers
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Venom Prison drop 'Uterine Industrialisation'; a criticism against those who try to control women's reproductive rights.

Venom Prison's 'Uterine Industrialisation' speaks of the bond between mother & child, whilst critiquing those who try to control women's reproductive rights. [PC: Jake Owens.]

Venom Prison are ugly. Venom Prison are grotesque. Venom Prison are a fucking sick death metal band from the U.K. that you should be taking note of! One of my favourite death metal acts lately, the unflinching lyricism, grim imagery, and wicked music that Venom Prison spew forth is almost second to none in current metal circles. Their music is slammed full of punishing instrumental qualities, chugging riffs, tight squelies, and Larissa Stupar's stupidly good vocal performances that put half of the dudes in the metal scene to utter shame. They're more or less the complete package for this genre currently.

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The follow-up to 2016's evilly good 'Animus', Venom Prison's forthcoming LP 'Samsara' lands March 15th via Prosthetic Records, and the LP's first diabolical cut has now been born into our vile world: 'Uterine Industrialisation'. Recorded back in August 2018, this song title is brutal enough alone, but the track itself musically backs up that dark, heavy nature with some real balls. Over four-and-a-half-minutes of pure and savage death metal, 'Uterine Industrialisation' rarely ever lets up the attack. Throughout, the five-piece just musically unload with plenty of riffs, a tough-as-fuck breakdown, and a new vigour.

The brooding track is in part a commentary about the bond between child and mother; more so about the "Usurpation of motherhood", as the song's graphic lyrics dictate.

[caption id="attachment_1106058" align="aligncenter" width="760"] Venom Prison's 'Samsara', out March 15, 2019. This cover is an interesting contrast to the 'Animus' cover; a male being held and castrated. With both artworks showing people restrained by others while something awful happening to their genitals, I'm sensing a theme. [/caption]

'Uterine Industrialisation' is also a violent criticism of those who try to control women's reproductive rights; that governments and big businesses trying to overtake one's own bodily agency is just patriarchy and capitalism at it's self-interested worst. With the song calling out past and modern cultures for how women have been societally seen and used as breeding machines; how that process erodes motherhood and how it's absolutely dehumanising. It's a harsh push-back against the attempts to subjugate women, both now and prior.

The track's video gives off strong Mother! and Rosemary's Baby vibes. Basically, a woman's child being either used or twisted into something else to fuel the ulterior motives of some unknown cult or organisation. Going deeper, I'd argue that the song and video are both indictments upon how certain governments and prick-headed groups try to abolish a woman's right to choose and what she does with her own child. Those that try and remove her maternal agency and aim to decide what's best for her and her child - with or without consent.

Of course, as the clip shows come the end, it turns out our female protagonist was just having a bad dream whilst reading a Bernard Knight book. (It looks to be The Poisoned Chalice, which would play wider into this corrupted-birth-theme, but it's hard to make out the title or cover). Her unborn child still safe and sound within her uterus. Still, this nightmare of zero-rights or a lack thereof is sadly still a reality for some women and their children in certain parts of the world even today. Let's never forget that.

Check out 'Uterine Industrialisation' below. If you're squeamish about potential harm coming to pregnant mothers and new-borns, maybe skip this video. But if that doesn't worry, go for your life!