US-Based Licensing Platform Songtradr Announces Partnership With SGC Media Group

4 December 2015 | 12:14 pm | Staff Writer

Big things for Aus music.

SGC Media Group has today announced a brand new partnership with US-based licensing platform Songtradr for the rollout of its innovative music rights marketplace in Australia.

Founded by Australian expat Paul Wiltshire out of LA, Songtradr is used by publishers, labels, independent artists and more to manage masters and copyrights, as well as helping their catalogue to be discoverable around the world.

SGC Media Group Managing Director Stephen Green said he was excited about the new partnership because Songtradr has the potential to revolutionise music rights trading and licensing.

“From the moment I got my hands on the Songtradr platform, I knew that it could be a game-changer," Green said.

"It’s the first time I've seen a platform that can account for multiple writers, multiple publishers, multiple labels and other complexities that we face in our fragmented music industry, while at the same time taking care of contracting, pitching and other functions that are necessary to businesses across the sector.

Green went on to explain the benefits of all those within the music industry who utilize the platform.

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"For larger labels and publishers it saves time and resources and provides a powerful CMS for the management, discoverability and monetisation of their catalogue. For independents, it opens up a whole new world for the exploitation of their songs and masters."

Songtradr’s second beta version went live last week and new users can sign up now with a free account. For more information head to the SGC Media website.