Underground Playlists: New Music From Emerging Talent SUPEREGO, Chloe: The Brand & More

18 April 2023 | 2:20 pm | Emma Whines

Underground Playlists are back and better than ever, thanks to the legends at Mountain Goat Beer. In fact, we’ve decided to pick out our favourite tracks each week and share them with you, so you can get to know the best of the bunch and keep your finger on the pulse. Here are this week's top picks for our Underground Playlists...

More Chloe: The Brand More Chloe: The Brand

Kevin Collett (QLD)

Where Did We Go Wrong

Kevin Collett has jumped back in the game for 2023 with a killer new single, Where Did We Go Wrong, that takes us through all the emotions under the sun. Collett has made some really ingenious songwriting choices in this new track that keep the listener engaged and entertained throughout the entire piece, starting off slow and coaxing you in with his moody vocals before kicking it up a notch halfway through and driving the song home with a fast-paced beat and R&B elements. While the song definitely follows along from his 2021 releases, keeping the electro-pop feel, there are more unique sonic choices that set this single apart from the rest. 

Chloe: The Brand (NSW)


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Naarm-based queer artist Chloe: The Brand (aka Chloe McMahon) is back with a dreamy, hyper-pop track called Co-Star - and it's bound to be a regular on your favourite playlist. With a sound reminiscent of iconic pop stars like Mallrat, King Princess, and Yergurl, the new track explores themes of incompatibility and astrology filled with catchy and relatable lyrics that speak to anyone who has ever felt that their horoscope was to blame for a failed relationship. Purple Sneakers caught up with the brilliant artist to chat about all things music, which you can read here. 

SUPEREGO, Sakidasumi (WA)


SUPEREGO have released the edgy and intense single Lies, recruiting the wonderful Sakidasumi to carry the melody. As usual, the boys from SUPEREGO have killed this track, emulating the manic feeling of being lied to so perfectly while resisting the urge to over-run the song with a complex melody and scattered production. Sakidasumi’s vocals also bring such a calm ease to the song despite the heavy and anxiety-inducing subject matter. Ultimately, SUPEREGO really should have a super-ego with the talent, restraint and creativity that they constantly bring to every release. 

Sunfruits (VIC)

End Of The World

70s-inspired rock band Sunfruits have released their hotly anticipated EP Better Off Dead, with highlight single End Of The World, front and centre. The good-natured song features everything you could ever hope for in a seventies-inspired track with upbeat drum patterns, perfect harmonies and some truly talented guitar riffs. The true gift of this song, though, is the sad-but-true message about climate change, with the band aiming to write a song that everyone can dance to at the end of the world. Morbid? Maybe. Either way, it’s a fantastic tune. 

Benny Morrell (VIC)


Breakout star Benny Morrell has released the simple but beautiful song CANE FIELDS. Reflective and lyrically immersive, Morrell has outdone himself, going back to basics and letting his amber-like vocals and skilled songwriting do the talking. Where his last single, Batshit Crazy, leaned more towards trends, CANE FIELDS feels authentically ‘Benny Morrell’ in the best way. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from this dynamic artist. 

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