Trugoy The Dove Of De La Soul Fame Has Passed Away

13 February 2023 | 10:15 am | Mary Varvaris

No cause of death has been revealed - this is a developing story.

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David "Trugoy The Dove" Jolicoeur, one-third of the influential hip-hop group De La Soul, has passed away aged 54. AllHipHop initially reported the news. No cause of death has been revealed - this is a developing story. 

As Pitchfork noted, Trugoy had been open about his experience with congestive heart failure in recent years.

When the words 'hip hop' and 'classic' are mentioned, De La Soul are a name to follow shortly after. Known for their genius sampling, quirky rhymes and contribution to the hip-hop, jazz and rap game, De La Soul are considered worldwide as one of the most influential and reputable hip-hop groups. 

Since roughly 1988, the trio – Kelvin Mercer, David Jolicoeur (Plug Two), and Vincent Mason (Plug Three) have been at the forefront of their sound.

Commemorations for the group's 25th anniversary began in 2013, when they released the fresh single, Get Away ft The Spirit Of The Wu, which samples the intro from the Wu-Tang Clan's second record Wu-Tang Forever. “Sometimes we look at ourselves, and we go like 'Wow, we have been around this long!' and we have albums that are considered classic hip hop staples,” Mercer said in an interview with The Music

“We definitely sat down and thought about the anniversary for 3 Feet High And Rising because it's coming up next year [in 2014]. We're looking at a great, great time next year with what we're trying to do.”

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De La Soul released their debut album, 3 Feet High And Rising, in 1989. As the band's most commercially successful record to date, the album made waves within pop, hip-hop and R&B communities. The album was so significant that in 2005, Damon Albarn - who was hugely influenced by the trio - enlisted Trugoy for writing and De La Soul for featured vocals on the early Gorillaz smash-hit, Feel Good Inc. In 2006, the song won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration.

De La Soul released their ninth and most recent album, And The Anonymous Nobody..., via a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. It's an incredibly busy and full 68 minutes, yet the quality control remains high. When hip hop celebrates the art of collaboration this successfully, no booty can stay still. 

Trugoy The Dove is remembered for his energetic verses and impact on the rap world. On 3 March, De La Soul's discography will finally be available on streaming services.