Triple M Turn On Nickelback And Offer To Boycott New Single

15 August 2012 | 5:21 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Triple M Sydney tell listeners: 1,000 Facebook likes and we'll ignore the song.

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Triple M's Sydney branch have taken an open approach to their next playlist selection, offering to boycott the latest Nickelback single if they get a big enough response on social media.

Having received the latest track from rock music's favourite punching bags Nickelback, Program Director Jamie Angel has taken to Facebook to ask listeners - 'Should we play it?'

He posted, "So we've just taken delivery of the new Nickelback single... Here's what'll happen, if we get 1000 LIKES, we won't play it. SIMPLE. So do what you have to do, SHARE and tell your mates. 1000 LIKES and we won't touch it."

They've assured listeners in the post's comments that they'll stick by their word and totally boycott the song if they reach the target.

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At time of posting, they've just ticked over 250 likes and it looks like they'll get there.

A local representative from Nickelback's label Roadrunner declined to comment.