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Traitors Vocalist Addresses The Metal Scene: 'I Can't Stand You Right Now'

18 February 2023 | 11:14 am | Mary Varvaris
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"I promise if you keep interfering with my vision, I will expose all of you and all the terrible things you've done."

Traitors in 2021

Traitors in 2021 (Pic by Toddi Babu)

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Tyler Shelton, the vocalist in Florida metalcore band Traitors, has called out the metal music industry and the scene at large in an open letter. 

In the post, he addresses the stress he's been under trying to make a name for himself and the band within a scene he deems oppressive.

"I fucking can't stand you right now. You have brought me nothing but stress. Through the years, you'll save me and bring me up to the highest of highs, and then you slam me face first into the fucking ground with all of your might," Shelton began in the open letter.

He added, "I'm sick of watching from the sidelines. I'm sick of being forced to shake hands with the winning team. This is all a fucking façade. Mentally, I am losing my fucking mind."

"People don't care about your music til you’re fucking dead. People apart of the industry are continually trying to bury my dreams, as I continue to push back. It's all crews and gangs that control this world of metal music we live in. If they can't monetize off it, they will keep you at the bottom of the ladder."

Shelton then claims that he knows information about unnamed members of the current metalcore scene, stating, "I promise if you keep interfering with my vision, I will expose all of you and all the terrible things you've done. I promise you I know a lot more about some of you than you really think."

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In the comments, Shelton expressed further stress, writing, "Who would've thought grown ass men would take advantage of vulnerable young men who are writing their hearts out for the world to see and they are on the road 30 plus days doing a job for next to nothing that other businesses would pay 10k a month PLUS for you to travel and work is BEYOND ME."

Traitors formed in 2013 and have released four albums to date: The Hate Campaign in 2015, 2016's Mental State, Anger Issues in 2018, and its follow-up, Repent, a year later. The band returned with a new single, Menace II Society, in August 2021, before releasing Enemy in March last year and Nu World Order in October. Check out their merchandise here.