Thy Art Is Murder release title track from new album, 'Human Target'

26 April 2019 | 10:34 am | Alex Sievers
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Thy Art Is Murder place new album, 'Human Target', right in their crosshairs.

Thy Art Is Murder place new album, 'Human Target', in their crosshairs.

[PC: Brooke Harley, Download Sydney 2019.]

Thy Art Is Murder's new album, 'Human Target', is coming for you on July 26th, 2019 via Human Warfare (Australia) and Nuclear Blast Records (ROTW). After sadly having this new release's title, artwork and track-listing leaked on an overseas merch site - picked up a couple weeks back via fans over on Reddit - we've now got out first taste of new music since their last release, the 'Dear Desolation' B-side, 'Death Perception'.

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As you can guess, their new album's titular song is three and a half minutes of pure Thy Art Is Murder. It's got great production (Will Putney nailing it as per usual), plenty of blasts, some panicked riffs, couple breakdowns, really clean and efficient legato runs, and CJ McMahon's punishing screams have seeing real improvement in terms of timbre and enunciation, without sacrificing his projection either. CJ's killer vocal delivery aside, 'Human Target' is really just more Thy Art Is Murder; more inter-twined death metal and deathcore that follows on from what 2017's 'Dear Desolation' was doing. So you'll have to forgive me if I'm not all that excited about it, honestly. I'm sure fans will love it, though - more power to 'em.

Lyrically, things now aren't just about hating on religious intuitions and their corrosive nature, but more so about how we're all expendable in a corruptible machine that only turns through our suffering. It's about how we're all canon-fodder, how our lives don't matter, how we're all just insignificant beings trapped in a larger meat grinder. (As the album artwork below implies.) It's kill or be killed, basically. As the song goes, we're all just 'human targets'.

Expect the band to rip out this new song on their July headline run. Check out 'Human Target' below!

'Human Target' track-listing:

01.) Human Target

02.) New Gods

03.) Death Squad Anthem

04.) Make America Hate Again

05.) Eternal Suffering

06.) Welcome Oblivion

07.) Atonement

08.) Voyeurs Into Death

09.) Eye For An Eye

10.) Chemical Christ

[caption id="attachment_1106976" align="aligncenter" width="760"] 'Human Target'. That's some sick artwork, right there. [/caption]