Thurston Moore: Sonic Youth Reunion Will 'Always' Be 'On The Table'

20 October 2023 | 8:46 am | Mary Varvaris

Reuniting with Sonic Youth is "something that’s always going to be on the table," Moore said in a recent interview.

Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore (Credit: Vera Marmelo)

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Someone like Thurston Moore must be asked if the band he’s known for playing in – Sonic Youth – will ever get back together all the time. Today, we’ve discovered that it’s more than possible for a reunion to occur.

Moore is currently promoting his new memoir, Sonic Life, which has, of course, raised the question about some kind of reunion for the band. “Everybody wants us to get back together,” Moore said in a recent The New York Times interview.

“I don’t foresee it happening because I think maybe it’s a little too unwieldy at this point… and that goes against the nature of what the band was. I’d rather be like the Beatles and never get back together.”

Having said that, Moore admitted that getting the band back together would be “really worthwhile” and “something that’s always going to be on the table.”

As to how the guitarist and vocalist would feel about reforming the band with his former bandmate and ex-wife, Kim Gordon, Moore continued, “We’re adults. We can find our peace in this kind of situation. We’re very connected in our family with my daughter and my nieces and everything. It’s not like some hate-fest or anything.”

Also, in the interview, Moore discussed the “debilitating” health condition that led him to withdraw from his US book tour. He has had an atrial defibrillation – “a common heart-rhythm abnormality” – for years.

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Last week, Moore announced the cancellation of his Sonic Life US book tour, explaining on Instagram, “For years I have been dealing with a longstanding health condition, though it has never seriously stopped me from touring and recording. Regardless it’s always been an underlying issue and as I reach my mid-60s this year it has become rather, and consistently, debilitating. After a recent consultation, my doctors have strongly advised against me flying anywhere under any circumstance until they get it all sorted out.”

Telling The New York Times that the condition became “slightly concerning” this year and admitting that he was “finding myself at times to be so weak I could hardly walk around the neighbourhood”, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as the musician awaits treatment. “The prognosis is very good,” he said.

“This book has been ages in the making, the product of intensive research and deep dives into my memories and emotions,” Moore wrote upon announcing the book’s release. “In some ways, it barely scrapes the surface, but I’m proud of it and anxious to hear what everyone thinks.”

You can pre-order your copy of Sonic Life here.