Three Members Of Metal Band Dead Following Bucharest Fire

9 November 2015 | 10:05 am | Staff Writer

Death toll rises.

The drummer of Romanian metal act Goodbye To Gravity has sadly passed away overnight following last week's Bucharest fire tragedy, bringing the band's death toll to three and the venue explosion toll to 45.

As Blabbermouth reports, Bogdan Lavinius died while being transported to a hospital in Zurich by plane after suffering a cardiac arrest during the flight. 

Lavinius was being transported to a new facility as his condition had worsened. 

Guitarists Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru were among the 27 people who were killed from the explosion in the Colectiv nightclub last weekend, while singer Andrei Galut and bassist Alex Pascu were hospitalized with burns and injuries from smoke inhalation.

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Galut is currently recovering in a treatment centre in the Netherlands, while Pascu's family are trying to relocate him to a different hospital. 

The band were performing at the venue at the time of the fire in support of their newly-released album, Mantras Of War.

The owners of the venue where Goodbye To Gravity performed were last week arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, after they were accused of allowing too many people into the show, as well as illegally installing the fireworks that caused the ceiling to burst into flames. 

Meanwhile, the country has also been deeply affected by the tragic incident, with 20,000 people protesting in Bucharest last week for the resignation of Prime Minister Victa Ponta and his government. 

Following the protests, Ponta confirmed he will step down from his post as soon as a new Prime Minister is announced.

95 people injured in the explosion are still being treated in Bucharest facilities, with 36 of that number remain in a critical condition.