These Are The Top New Zealand Tracks You Need To Hear According To Locals Miss June

8 June 2019 | 12:54 pm | Staff Writer

"Seeing this band place live is actually the reason I started a band."

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New Zealand group Miss June blew crowds away at last year's BIGSOUND. It's been no different this trip with the band earning fans around the country as part of their Best Girl tour. 

In between shows, the group have found time to share the top tracks from New Zealand artists that you need to know about. 

Annabel Liddell - vocals, guitar

The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

The Neilson brothers who make up the majority of The Mint Chicks are NZ royalty. Seeing this band place live is actually the reason I started a band. Their energy on stage is incomparable and they’ve gone on to do incredible things. One of them plays in Unknown Mortal Orchestra now. This is an iconic track with such a sick drum beat!

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Che Fu - Misty Frequencies

To ignore the NZ’s hip hop culture is to overlook a huge part of NZ music. I love Che Fu and this track is sooo feel good. It really represents a laid-back mentality that exists in a lot of great NZ R&B bangers. Great karaoke song and part of a fantastic record.

Tom Leggett - drums

Scribe - Not Many feat. Savage & Con Psy (Remix)

The Crusader was the first album I ever bought. I still remember being nine years old, living in South Auckland and writing down all the words to this song then spending weeks trying to memorise it. It's still David Dallas' best verse to date, I reckon.

Tiny Ruins - You At The Museum, Me At The Wintergardens 

I remember the first time I heard this song, I couldn't believe that people we know and live down the road from us could make music that sounds this good. I was so into it I kidnapped the engineer, Tom Healy, and made him produce our album.

Chris Marshall - bass

Hans Pucket - Eczma

Hans Pucket are one of my favourite indie rock bands in New Zealand at the moment. This is the title track off their most recent album, which I believe was one of the best, and most underrated albums of 2018.

Melodownz - $on of a queen

Melodownz is a bit of a hip hop legend, and I can never get over how good the beat in this song is! 

Jun Park - guitar

The Rabble - Carry On

They were one of the first punk bands that made me realise I could do this shit too. They were from the same hood as I was (Whangaparaoa) and it just brought home the idea that if they can do punk music, so can I. 

Kora - Burning

Laughton Kora use to live up the road from me and I helped concrete his house when I was 15. He was the one who taught me that music should be fun. He would always crack jokes and make playing music fun with friends and just showed that hard work doesn’t always mean a bad time or tedious repetition. 

Check out Miss June's Best Girl below and head here to find out more info.