The Vaccines Guitarist Freddie Cowan Quits The Band

16 March 2023 | 10:47 am | Mary Varvaris

"In my heart I know it's time to step down from my position in The Vaccines for the foreseeable future."

(Source: Supplied)

Popular English indie-rock band, The Vaccines, are down a member, as guitarist Freddie Cowan has announced his departure from the group via a statement on Instagram.

While there are no hard feelings between the band members, Cowan is stepping down “for the foreseeable future.” 

Cowan was a founding member of The Vaccines and was part of their initial formation in 2010. Earlier this year, he announced he’d release his solo album, Answer Machine, as Freddie And The Scenarios. The album was released last week through Bandcamp.

“It hasn't been easy to come to this decision, but in my heart I know it's time to step down from my position in The Vaccines for the foreseeable future,” Cowan wrote on Instagram.

“We loved and fought and cried and cared deeply for each other. I would say like brothers but actually I feel like it's often the chosen family that really matter to us in our lives.

"The band will always be my family. We are bonded forever through the experiences we shared."

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He added, “I also hope we have another chapter together when the time is right.

“Love and gratitude to everyone in and out of the camp that made my dream a reality. I never thought it was possible to stand on the Reading main stage or have a number one album. It was a wild and fulfilling ride and my life is richer and forever different for having been part of a truly great band.

“I hope The Vaccines continue to new heights for years and years to come.”

When The Vaccines released their debut album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, in 2011, they were hailed by NME as the band that was essentially saving British indie rock. 

They played more than 150 shows that year and were nominated for awards by MTV, the BRITs, Q and more. The band continued their run into 2012 with Come Of Age, released about a year-and-a-half after their first album, and less than a year after that released their Melody Calling EP. The end of 2013 saw the band take time off from touring, which would ultimately stretch out to more than a year.

The Vaccines have released five albums: following 2012’s Come Of Age, the band released English Graffiti in 2015, Combat Sports in 2018, and Back In Love City in 2021.