The Tea Party: 'The Music Industry Got Us Down'

17 July 2012 | 4:30 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

The reformed band open up about their 2005 break-up.

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Reunited rockers The Tea Party have candidly spoke about what led to their demise in 2005.

In this week's The Drum Media, frontman, singer and guitarist Jeff Martin confessed the band had a strong 'us versus them' mentality while making their 2004 Seven Circles album.

"What we did in those last few records was let people and the music industry get to us," he said, "which was never our intention in the first place and that would be one of the strongest musical statements that we made - we were a closed book. You were not allowed in - it was just the three of us against the world."

Bass and keyboard player Stuart Chatswood also admitted that the process in making Seven Circles "was a bit of a mess of drugs and alcohol."

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