The Stiffys Turn Addiction Into Productivity With Their Inevitable 'Pokemon Go Song'

12 July 2016 | 1:46 pm | Staff Writer

Well, that was fast

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Everyone's rampant new favourite pastime, Pokemon Go, has only been out in Australia for less than a week, but art-rock luminaries The Stiffys are already hooked.

So concerned were they about their nascent addiction to the world-beating game — which has already accrued a larger number of daily users than Tinder — that the band has swiftly turned around a (frankly inevitable) new inclusion for their forthcoming second EP Art Rock Two in the form of jangle-happy new cut The Pokemon Go Song.

"We've been wasting so much recording time playing Pokemon Go much to our producer Steven Schram's frustration, so he said 'How about we make a song about it?'" bassist Jason Leigh said in a statement. "It was the only way he could get us back to work."

The track is a sunny stroll through the highs and lows of a relationship with "a girl who loves to Pokemon Go" whose affection for the game gets a little out of hand after catching a prized Charmander. The song's lyrics speak to the truths of being a Go enthusiast, with its singable, clap-along chorus detailing the perils of pocketing monsters on the go: "She's walking out in traffic while she's on her game/ Jumping on the brakes while we're in the fast lane/ She doesn't want to call me, she just wants to train/ She's on another level that I can't explain."

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It's an infectious, doo-woppish little tune, and its quality is something to behold especially given its gestation time, which is more than can be said for the low-level Weedle we hatched after incubating an egg for 10 kilometres on foot. (Come on, that's some bullshit, right?)

The Stiffys are less than two months out from setting off on their massive Art Rock Two In 3D national tour, with the EP set to be released next month.

Give The Pokemon Go Song a spin below, and see theGuide for dates, venues and other booking information regarding The Stiffy's upcoming tour.