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The Growl Say There's No Christianity Judgement In Latest Album Title

1 September 2013 | 5:23 pm | Benny Doyle

Cam Avery talks the lighter side to God

"My dad is a pastor – he's a man of the cloth – but I don't see him anymore and I'm very much agnostic now; I feel like I don't know enough about Christianity to even pass judgement. But a joke that I was constantly saying when I was pissed or being a cynical bastard, was, well, 'What would Christ Do? Apparently he has all the fucking answers'. Whether I would buy a donut or not.”

Cam Avery lets out a light chuckle after that final remark. The Western Australian musician is talking about the naming origins of The Growl's debut record, What Would Christ Do??, and although his girlfriend at the time tempted him with the potential title, 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner', he decided to go with something a little closer to home, finishing it with two question marks to give a sense of absurdity to what could otherwise be an overwrought statement. “I get this weird feeling that people think we take ourselves a bit more seriously than what we do,” he agrees. “[But making] albums, it's a funny thing anyway.”