The Drones release new video

19 January 2016 | 10:06 am | Staff Writer
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Melbourne's The Drones have unveiled their latest music video.

Melbourne's The Drones have unveiled their latest music video.

'To Think That I Once Loved You(listen/view below) is the second single from the band's upcoming seventh studio album, 'Feelin Kinda Free'.

“The record is really out there. We’ve recorded some pretty whacked out shit in the past but certain annoying factors have always gotten in the way of us going full throttle, in that respect. I think the fans who go for that whole guitar-and-songwriting schtick might get a shock," frontman Gareth Liddiard told The Guardian recently.

'Feelin Kinda Free' is available in store and digitally March 18 via TFS Records and MGM.

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