The Cribs, Cash Savage & More Lead Cherry Rock's First Line-up Announcement

8 March 2018 | 5:23 pm | Staff Writer

This is just the beginning.

More Cash Savage & The Last Drinks More Cash Savage & The Last Drinks

Melbourne’s Cherry Rock festival is back for 2018 and by the looks of the freshly-dropped line-up, it’s gonna be pretty damn sweet.

Taking place down the renowned AC/DC Lane the first batch of talent on this year’s line-up includes the likes of The Cribs, Cosmic Psychos, Cash Savage and The Last Drinks and viral stars The Chats.

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The outdoor festival will run for one very special Sunday in May; featuring not only bang-up musical acts but a selection of tantalising food vendors.

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Tickets to Cherry Rock festival are on sale now; for more information, head to theGuide.