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Tea Party, Superjesus & Baby Animals Members To Play Benefit For Ailing Qld Muso

9 March 2017 | 10:14 am | Staff Writer

Gold Coast musician Corey De Luka is battling lung and kidney cancer

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A group of well-known musicians are teaming up to play a fund-raising benefit for their friend and fellow performer Corey De Luka after he was recently diagnosed with kidney and lung cancer.

Jeff Martin and Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party will play as a duo — something they've never done before in Australia — alongside the two-piece pairing of The Superjesus frontwoman Sarah McLeod and Baby Animals drummer Mick Skelton at next month's show at the Coolangatta Hotel, in De Luka's adopted home town of the Gold Coast.

Along with his solo work, De Luka — who was born in Melbourne before shifting base up to the Gold Coast — also serves as guitarist/vocalist for Gold Coast/Byron outfit Versus Fate, and is a veteran guitar tech.

Martin and Burrows are currently on a tour with The Tea Party in the United States and their birth country of Canada, and will return to Australia in the days before the gig — dubbed Corey's Jam — before the full band head on to perform shows in Melbourne and Sydney with the cities' Melbourne Symphony and Sydney Youth orchestras.

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McLeod and Skelton will team up to play a selection of tracks from the former's upcoming solo release (her first new work since 2013's 96% Love Song Book EP) as well as a few gems from the back catalogue to please the longtime fans in the room.

Corey's Jam will be held on Saturday 15 April. Doors open at 5pm and the show carries on till 11pm.

If you can't physically make it, you can donate to the cause via De Luka's GoFundMe campaign. Nearly $6600 has been raised for the muso in the past month, but there's still a ways to go to reach the projected goal of $40,000.

There will also be an auction of items on eBay in the near future; keep on top of that one over here.

"It's now getting real and treatments are piling up," De Luka wrote on his campaign page. "As much as I have already raised, it's been absorbed and I have just found out I need a series of tests that aren't covered by the government."

"Please, if there's anything you can do, I would really appreciate it," he continued.

For more details about Corey's Jam, including VIP package options, see the event's website, or head straight to theGuide to book your ticket.