Sydney's Battleships Split With Three Members

21 September 2014 | 11:13 am | Staff Writer

The quartet is now a one-man band

Sydney indie rock quartet Battleships have announced the departure of three of its members overnight.

The band revealed the news in a post on Twitter, with bass and keyboardist Jonathan Bowden, guitarist Nato Hannaford and drummer Dan McMurray no longer part of the group. Frontman Jordan Sturdee is now the only remaining member, though it is unclear whether he will continue on with Battleships at this stage.

"As you may of may not have heard, we (Jono, Dan and Nato) have decided that it is time for us to move on from Battleships. It seems that life has presented us with other opportunities and challenges, as it always does..." the statement read.

"At the moment, Jordan is unsure as to whether he will continue Battleships or move on to something else, but we wish him all the best for the future."

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Battleships, who have toured with the likes of Boy & Bear, Art Of Sleeping and The Paper Kites, released their newest single You Can't Change It last month. They released their debut mini-album To You in late 2012.