Sydney Musician Speaks Out On Alleged Police 'Cruelty' During Gig

11 January 2016 | 5:20 pm | Neil Griffiths

"I respect the police but all this violence is utterly inhumane and frankly I am appalled."

Sydney indie musician Lyall Moloney has alleged that his fans were the victims of police brutality during a show in Milton, NSW, on Saturday night in a revealing Facebook post shared earlier today. 

The producer, who is currently on tour with fellow Aussie acts including Boo Seeka and Bootleg Rascal, claims that seven officers and two police dogs raided The Commercial Hotel, resulting in half of his audience vacating the venue. 

"...there was a guy filming me while standing on a chair to get a view over the crowd of me performing," Moloney wrote in the post

"Without warning an officer grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, threw him to the ground and put his knee on his neck saying 'get of [sic] the fucking chair'."

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Moloney further alleges that the police were successful in detaining just one woman, who apparently had "literally half a pill of ecstasy".

"I don't see why we make laws about not standing on chairs in bars for personal safety if police are allowed to throw people off the chairs to enforce this law," the post continues. 

"I respect the police but all this violence is utterly inhumane and frankly I am appalled once again by the immense cruelty and stupidity displayed by our public servants."

Moloney's claims come just a day after Shoalhaven police confirmed that a "proactive operation" occurred on Friday and Saturday night in the area, during which they targeted illicit and antisocial activity in licensed premises. 

Shoalhaven police have told theMusic that anyone wishing to make a complaint about the alleged behaviour of the officers should contact the station directly. 

The Commercial Hotel have also advised that they do not wish to comment at this time.


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