LO-FI // SCI-FI Adds Splashh And Green Buzzard

4 December 2015 | 5:46 pm | Staff Writer

English indie rockers Splashh and their mates Green Buzzard are joining the line-up for LO-FI // SCI-FI

The Chippendale Hotel is set to play host to a great set of cosmic phonic reverberations 19 Dec as The Velvet Cave plays host to the strange shoegazey psych pop dealings of LO-FI//SCI-FI. 

UK lads Splashh have just joined the line-up and they've convinced their buddies Green Buzzard to come along for the ride. Splashh have had a pretty solid year since taking on New York and adopting some new members to fall into their stride as a band. Green Buzzard already managed the impressive feat of signing to I Oh You before they'd even played a show.

Locals New War will be taking the role of headliners among a group of other Aussie artists set to take over the hotel for the night and turn it into a pulsating, futuristic distorted galaxy.


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