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Slum Sociable Member On Six Month Absence: 'I've Been Struggling With Depression'

3 October 2017 | 1:15 pm | Staff Writer

Releases statement on Facebook.

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Slum Sociable member Miller Upchurch has opened up on his mental health, revealing struggles with depression have resulted in the band's lack of productivity over the last six months. 

In a statement posted to Facebook today, Upchurch said he has been "struggling with depression" for ten months.

"… to the point where I feel overwhelmed every day, and almost anything could send me into a downward spiral where I retreat from the world and have a shit time, doing nothing but thinking about all the negative aspects of my life," the vocalist wrote.

"In times like those it's practically impossible to find any motivation to do anything or see my life as worthwhile." 

Upchurch's health has also resulted in the Melbourne duo pushing back the release of their debut self-titled album from 13 October to 24 November.

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"That is the reality of it, it affects people's work, families and lives every day, and in being someone who struggles with it, all I want is to be able to help those who don't feel like they can or know how to help themselves, by opening up about my own battle." 

Read the full post below.