Slipknot Announce New Album 'We Are Not Your Kind' Ahead Of Australian Tour

17 May 2019 | 8:52 am | Staff Writer

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Ahead of their Australian stadium tour with Metallica this October, Slipknot have confirmed the name of their new album, We Are Not Your Kind, due out on 9 August. 

To coincide with the album announcement, the US outfit have also released brand new track Unsainted and an accompanying music video which includes brand new digs for all of the band members; check it out below. 

Appearing on The Music Podcast in March, Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo said they and Slipknot can't wait to perform at stadiums around Australia for the very first time. 

"... It's gonna kinda be like the family vacation, you know? You're out there and you're in the sun and going to the beach - that's what we do when we're there - and you get to play great huge massive shows with Slipknot," Trujillo said.

"That's a great thing right there in itself."

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