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Shady Nasty release vulnerable new tune, 'Get Buff'

10 May 2019 | 1:51 pm | Alex Sievers
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The newest tune from Sydney's Shady Nasty is just sublime.

'Get Buff', the new tune from Shady Nasty is sublime.

Shady Nasty are a band that you may not be familiar with, but you will be soon enough. As 'Get Buff' is a sublime track! Recorded, mixed and mastered by Clayton Segelov at The Brain Studios, and following up 2018's dark, distorted and ominous 'Jewellery', it's a bittersweet cut that merges at an awesome inter-section of genres.

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It converges at this sweet-spot between post-punk, post-rock, alternative, and hip-hop. An interesting mixture, to be sure, but it all works wonders. With delayed guitar effects and shimmering tremolo, all accented wonderfully by perfectly-timed cymbal crashes, 'Get Buff' has this deep, glittering sonic quality. It might seem at odds with the tone of its Occa hip-hop vocals, as well as its resounding yells and pitched-up vocals, but it forms a complete and lovely package.

With heartfelt lyrics addressing a search for happiness and heritage, and battling an absence of direction during youth - bolstered by philosophical samples during the intro and outro - 'Get Buff' is emotionally gripping. It sounds like dusting off weighty expectations that hold you back; feeling like one being fed up in viewing things beneath underwater and then finally breaking through that surface.

There's this whole "shut up, keep your head down" vibe running underneath the lyrical content. Of someone having to "get buff" - to "man up" - in order to get by and save face, cutting off what's ailing them. Yet the song is almost like a rejection of that, a clap-back against reductive statements about men's mental health. And I very much appreciate Shady Nasty seemingly taking that stance here.

Check it all out for yourself below and fingers crossed that we see a new LP from the trio in 2019.