Several Injured During Stampede At Hollywood Music Event

9 October 2018 | 7:48 pm | Staff Writer

"I'm so sorry."

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A number of people have been injured in a stampede during a Hollywood event for US rapper and YouTube star Phora, aka Marco Anthony Archer.

As ABC 7 reports, fans flocked to a meet-and-greet at Shoe Palace on Hollywood Boulevard on Monday night, with security unable to contain the crowd, which quickly turned into a stampede and saw people pushing and trampling over one another.

A number of people were treated on the scene, with some transported to hospital for further assessment.

"I'm so sorry," Archer told ABC 7.

"I personally took someone to the hospital myself. It's super hectic out here tonight. I appreciate the fans, I appreciate the love."

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It’s the second stampede in the US in as many days, with numerous people injured during a Lil Wayne concert in Atlanta on Sunday night.