See A 'Back To The Future' Tribute Exhibition From Parkway Drive LP Artist Callum Preston

8 October 2015 | 4:16 pm | Staff Writer

If you're going to hold an art show, why not do it with some style?

Multi-talented Melbourne artist and Everfresh Studio collective mainstay Callum Preston has been impressing us with frightening regularity of late, not only for his stunning craftsmanship in putting together the recent album cover for Parkway Drive's acclaimed new LP Ire, but also with his personal artistic pursuits across a mind-boggling array of mediums.

Fledgling and dyed-in-the-wool fans alike will have a firsthand opportunity to get close and personal with several of Preston's works at his debut solo art show — and "ultimate Back To The Future tribute" — Bootleg To The Future, kicking off at 6pm on Wednesday 21 October at Collingwood's Hogan Gallery.

If that date seems unusually familiar, that's because it's the occasion on which happening '80s teen Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) found himself in the far-off year of 2015, a world of flying cars, transparent neckties and boards that don't work on water (unless you've got powah). Given Preston was born in 1984 — the year before the first Back To The Future flick left burning tyre tracks through the imaginations of youngsters the world over — he's not wrong when he says this show has been "a lifetime in the making".

The exhibition will be decked out with myriad works reflecting Preston's love of the film series, with pieces on canvas, paper works, sign-writing (shotgun one of the "I'm Your Density" jobs), replica props, costume designs, sculpture and collage converging into one Hill-Valley-as-hell solo showing that even dabbles into sequels, crossovers, "theorised gang activity in the town" (so much potential) and even some prototype work on the ever-elusive Hoverboard.

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Bootleg To The Future: A DIY Tribute Exhibition will be held at Hogan Gallery, Collingwood, from 21-28 October. For more information, see the gallery's website

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