Screensaver Drop 'The Guilt', Announce New Album 'Decent Shapes'

29 July 2023 | 11:58 am | Mary Varvaris
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screensaver bring back the best of post-punk while sounding totally new.


screensaver (Credit: Kalindy Williams)

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Melbourne post-punk outfit screensaver have returned with their new single, The Guilt, and announced that their second album, Decent Shapes, is coming on Friday, 20 October, via a new label deal with Poison City Records and Upset The Rhythm distributing the album in the UK and Europe.

Summoning the dance and groove and intensity of legends of the genre, including Gang Of Four and The B-52’s, screensaver bring back the best of post-punk while sounding totally new.

The mostly black-and-white music video for The Guilt, filmed by Scott Marrinan with assistance from Wild Rose Pictures, finds screensaver rocking out and utilising synthesizers in their sound, bringing fans straight to the dancefloor. Check out the video below.

Decent Shapes follows screensaver’s 2021 debut album, Expressions Of Interest, as well as a double A-side 7-inch single Clean Current/Repeats, and saw the band reunite with recording engineer Julian Cue (CIVIC, Gut Health, Bitumen) for a ten-track “sonic excursion through an atmospheric soundstage, humming and mutating as a palette of angular guitars, dark synth, and electronic experimentation distils into a moody, textural potion,” per a press release.

“Existence can be exhausting: relationships to maintain, jobs to get done, people to impress, all the while the world is falling apart around us,” vocalist and keyboard player Krystal Maynard explained about The Guilt in a statement. “In the clip, we’re capturing the performative nature of life, the acting and the reacting.

“Perfection is impossible; imperfection is human. You try your best to be everything to everyone at all times, but failure is inevitable, and then the guilt arrives.”

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You can pre-order Decent Shapes via the Poison City Records e-store.

Screensaver – Decent Shapes tracklist

1) Red Lines

2) The Guilt

3) Party Interest

4) Future Trash

5) Drainer

6) Severance Pay

7) Direct Debit

8) Cancellation Notice

9) No Vacation

10) Signals