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Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts Performs At Perth Club

20 March 2014 | 3:10 pm | Staff Writer

Band members jammed at club

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The Rolling Stones may not have kicked off their tour in Perth last night, but their drummer Charlie Watts still made his way to a stage.

Jumping on stage at the 135-capacity Ellington Jazz Club, he joined the band's saxophone player Tim Ries on stage for a jam.

Punter Tom Beech tells, “It's the Ellington, which isn't a really big venue, so you can imagine everyone was huddled in, probably as many people as they could fit into the space. I'd found out about the show on the day. The band he was playing with had a show the night before, and it was kind of a big surprise that he was going to play last night.”

He added “It was awesome. When he came on, there was a roar. Everyone just got very excited and started moving toward the front to just watch, you know, one of the greats. It was obvious that he comes from a jazz background; he was improvising a lot, and just working a lot through a jazz routine.

“He did get pretty rocky, though. There was a cover of Satisfaction in there, and a few other big rocky moments.”

Watch a rough fan-filmed video of Honky Tonk Woman below:

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Additional reporting by Cam Findlay