Rogue Traders Release Their First New Song In Over A Decade

17 February 2023 | 11:40 am | Mary Varvaris

"The energy is hyper. Everyone's singing all our tunes; it's quite euphoric."

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Rogue Traders delighted fans when they shared that they'd be releasing new music early this year. Today, they return with a new single, To The Disco, their first song in over a decade.

The new track interpolates an older Rogues track, On Your Way To The Disco, released in 2007. The Aussie dance group led by vocalist Natalie Bassingthwaighte and keyboardist James Ash have made their comeback by doing what they do best: making electro tunes with a catchy beat.

To celebrate their return, Bassingthwaighte and Ash will host a one-off single launch at the Colombian Hotel in Sydney on Thursday, 23 February. 

"Without sounding too hippy, even universally, there's been a really big shift and a rebirth of people coming out of COVID and wanting to create again and be heard and seen and speak their truth out loud and own that dance floor," Bassingthwaighte says about the group's timing with a comeback in 2023.

She adds, "We see people sing those songs and collectively share the joy in dancing and parting, singing and to getting to the clubs and to the music festivals and embracing each other again. The energy is hyper. Everyone's singing all our tunes; it's quite euphoric."

Ash reminds us that Rogue Traders have been involved in music for a long time - he's been DJing solo, and the band have played shows over the years. "[To The Disco] is us planting a flag and saying, okay, we're part of this musical conversation. We're excited to show everyone what else we've got!"

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Rogue Traders have released numerous singles that have been chart mainstays, but perhaps no other has been as iconic to a generation of listeners as Voodoo Child. But Ash and Bassingthwaighte aren't interested in living in the shadow of the past or calling themselves a legacy act.

"I think you just have to live in the moment and do what you do with your heart and soul," Bassingthwaighte comments. 

Ash continues, "Yeah, and the thing about [calling Rogue Traders a legacy act] is that it implies we're thinking that we're over, but for us, every day feels like we're just starting out. We're intensely proud of them [older songs], but every time you go into the studio, and you start writing, it feels like the first time - for me, anyway. I feel like a beginner all the time and actually never want to lose that feeling, to be honest."

To The Disco is out now.