Tim Rogers Defends His Move Away From Rock'N'Roll

18 August 2012 | 5:15 pm | Celline Narinli

Rogers says the haters reckon: "Oh, so rock’n’roll’s not good enough for you then?"

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Following growing cynicism towards Tim Rogers' decision to take a different artistic path, via the extra-curricular activities he is a part of - including film and theatre projects, the frontman of You Am I has set the record straight in terms of where he is at as an artist.

“I just think that there's rightly a bit of cynicism out there for someone like me going down a different path, like, 'Oh, so rock'n'roll's not good enough for you then?'” he concedes. “Well rock'n'roll absolutely is [good enough] – it's my first love and I want to die doing it – but I've got to work man, and if someone offers you work, I've got to take work.”

“And as it turns out I get more from it: I have less time but it's truly inspiring, there's so much wonderful music and theatre and art out there, and I just want to suck it all up, I want to sleep with it and fuck it. I'm just lucky, I put myself out there and I've been getting a lot of work, and because I've got this face and this body but not necessarily the skill, I'll put the work in.”

He goes on to reassure fans that he is not going anywhere. “I may make some mistakes along the way, but I figure that that's a better way to go out than thinking, 'I'm the guy who wrote Hourly Daily, so I'm going to write that way for the rest of my life'. I'd rather punch myself in the dick all day than do that.”

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