PREMIERE: Redcoats Make 'Leap Of Faith' In New Video

9 August 2012 | 3:19 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

We premiere the new clip for Raven

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You may have caught Redcoatssupporting Karnivool on their recent national tour, and if you did you probably heard their new track Raven. Out for a little while now, is stoked to premiere the video clip to Raven today.

To provide a bit of background, we got in touch with the producer of the clip, Ribal Swang from Supestream Studios.

Where'd the concept for the video come from?

"The song explores ideas of rebirth within the self, the concept for this clip grew from this seed. Firstly, we wanted to show different parts of a person's mindscape as represented by baron lands, shrubbed bushes and large forests.

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"The video explores one's race to rebirth and the different archetypes one must confront and somehow resolve in order to reach individuation. The serpent, the infant, the wise old man, the shadow, the collective people and the great woman (the opposing self) are all predominant archetypes within each of us. The idea is that we must resolve these in order to experience a rebirth within. The final leap in to the ocean represents the final leap of faith in to the unknown, similar to the  leap we make when becoming independent people."

What was the most challenging thing about putting it together?

"Although scouting appropriate locations to accurately represent the concept was difficult, for example the Californian Redwoods, waterfalls and dried up salt lakes, the most difficult part would have been the jump that Gil [Swang's producing partner] did off the cliff  into the ocean at the end.

"We got told by some local surfers about a good cliff jump near the Great Ocean Road, which turned out to be more than a ten metre dive. It was about eight degrees when we shot it so you could imagine all the internal and external challenges associated with that. It was pretty funny watching him jump though."

What did you learn?

"It was like we were all part of the same army, which was awesome. Everyone was really open minded about the ideas and the input from each individual (they're all ridiculously creative by the way) really brought the final idea in to full fruition. We're looking forward to collaborating on some wild shit in the future."