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RAAVE TAPES Headline Day Festival With 17 Act Line-up

30 May 2018 | 4:50 pm | Staff Writer

Bringing the Raave to the pub

More Raave Tapes More Raave Tapes

Newcastle dance-punk three-piece RAVE TAAPES are setting up parties all around the country in celebration of their latest single, SUDS.  

Sure, the song title's fun, but don't get too carried away 'cause SUDS delivers an important message: getting pissed doesn't give you a licence to be a dickhead.

This extensive tour, which includes shows throughout Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, wraps up when RAAVE TAPES shut down The Cambridge Hotel to headline an epic one-day festival featuring other killer acts such as Haiku Hands, Press Club, Vacations, Totty, Stumps and many more. 

For more info, check out theGuide.

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Check out SUDS below.