R Kelly Calls Australian Tour Announcement ‘Fake’

15 December 2018 | 4:06 pm | Staff Writer

“I am NOT involved in this tour nor do I have knowledge of it."

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US R&B artist R Kelly has taken to social media to claim yesterday’s Australian tour announcement was “fake”.

Doubts were raised shortly after the announcement was made when the Sydney venue scheduled to host R Kelly's 2019 show claimed the concert was never booked.

“I am NOT involved in this tour nor do I have knowledge of it, it’s promoters, etc. I will NOT be in Australia during these dates,” Kelly said.

Promoter Big Music Tour has since responded, issuing a statement that says they are “very concerned with R Kelly’s post today on his social media”.

“Our company has been dealing with his manager and are aware, that after our announcement yesterday, offers from other Australian promoters, offering higher fees than we have in our executed artist agreement, started to be presented to Mr Kelly through other sources,” the statement reads.

“We did not anticipate it would cause any issues, but unfortunately it has.

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“It baffles us why it took over 24 hours to post his response and we are still in constant communication with his manager to rectify this amicably.”

The tour announcement included dates in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane next February.