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TRACK BY TRACK: Adelaide's Pinkish Blu Take Us Through Their New EP

30 July 2021 | 9:09 am | Pinkish Blu

To celebrate the release of their new EP, ‘people just do good things sometimes’ (out today), and upcoming October headline tour, buzzing Adelaide outfit Pinkish Blu take up through its five tracks.

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Over Me

Over Me may have one of the more clearer subjects, talking about bad habits and coping through harder times with those habits. But the song also talks about having faith and trusting in someone else when you can’t trust yourself enough. 

Cop Cars

Cop Cars is one of the older tracks on the EP, but has honestly stayed pretty consistent since its conception. We always knew it would make it through the gates with its sax solo intact. With the help of Cyrus’ backing vocals and post-production, the song really took the form of quite the experimental track for us.


Backward is by far the oldest track of ours, dating back to the same month our first single Lovely was written (early 2018). I think that’s why the lyrics come across so angsty. There were actually about four different versions of Backward that had been on the back burner for these past few years and it was only when we decided to revisit the song that we decided it needed to be a hybrid of all of the versions. So that’s what Backward is on this EP.

Old Blue

Old Blue seems to be a favourite amongst us. It was written when we all lived together in the same house and I remember coming out of the garage I deemed my studio and showing the guys and being so excited by their reactions. The song quickly became known as ‘the nursery rhyme song’ which still seems fitting and has spurred on and inspired a few other songs being written after it. 

Start A Band

Start A Band was a song we didn’t take too seriously until we showed it around our team and friends but I think that was the charm of it, simple straight forward lyrics with a light-hearted prod in the right direction for anyone going through some shit. But in saying that, any sort of art form can and always will be a valid and positive escape.


Listen to people just do good things sometimes below and head to theGuide for all upcoming tour dates.

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