PHOTOS: Polaris Drummer Daniel Furnari Ties The Knot

2 May 2023 | 10:17 am | Mary Varvaris
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“Congratulations Dan & Tess, we love you both so very much”.

(Pic by Christopher Roese)

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Polaris drummer Daniel Furnari has married his longtime partner, Tess, in a gorgeous ceremony. The couple are now “Mr and Mrs Furnari”, per the musician’s recent Instagram post.

The band shared their own post, writing, “Last week we had the absolute joy of celebrating the first wedding in the Polaris family, with our very own Daniel marrying the love of his life!

“Congratulations Dan & Tess, we love you both so very much”. View the pictures below.

Last week we had the absolute joy of celebrating the first wedding in the Polaris family, with our very own Daniel...

Posted by Polaris on Monday, May 1, 2023

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In other band news unrelated to new music or touring, Rick Schneider, guitarist in Polaris, recently scored his own signature guitar.

The Mayones purple seven-string guitar is stunning – built to Schneider’s specifications, including two Bare Knuckle pickups and an EverTune bridge. 

“Partnering with a brand such as Mayones to create a guitar that encapsulates everything I love in an instrument was a very daunting feat, but I feel like the RPi has exceeded my expectations – as all of their instruments have for me in the past,” Schneider said in a statement.

The Polaris guitarist continued, “While the Duvell model inherently bears a more ‘metal’ appearance, I wanted to ensure my own brand of colour and vibrancy carried through and turned what could be another black metal guitar into an instrument that others can love just as much as I do. 

“I owe a special thanks to not only Mayones Guitars but also Bareknuckle Pickups and Evertune for bringing my dreams to life with the RPi.” 

Earlier this year, Polaris celebrated their ten-year anniversary as a band, taking a special run of shows across the country with Void Of Vision and Pridelands.

"Where did the years go?! Apparently, it’s been a whole decade ago since this handful of babyfaced kids from suburban Sydney finally assembled a line-up, recorded a demo and stepped onto a stage for the first time as Polaris," Furnari said.

He added, "Over the course of the ten years and four records that followed, we worked our way through every community hall, theatre or dive that would take us, sleeping on the floors of vans and sharehouses in the name of metalcore.

"Today, this thing we built together has taken us all around the world, giving us the chance to connect with so many incredible people that now all share a role in our story.”